Domain Name Valuation Metrics

When our company values any premium domain names, we look at the domain name keywords, industry served, current or projected traffic, search results and current trends in the appropriate marketplace. We research these valuation metrics with the help of propriety software and internet tools that our group at have established over the past 20 years.

domainvaluationspage2Since the rollout of .com domain names back in the early 90's, the value of quality domain names has been on the rise most every year. It has been said that premium domains have been one of the best performing internet investments ever available. Due to the enormous growth of the internet worldwide, the availability of premium keyword domain names has become extremely limited.

Domain names have become their own asset category in the intellectual property and accounting industries. Companies show these domain name assets on their balance sheets. Every year, many high quality domain names sell for over $1 Million and thousands sell for six figure values.

"To be on top - you need to start with a TOP DOMAIN NAME"- By starting a new business or rebranding an existing one, with a top - keyword strong domain name as your new brand, you will find immediate customer recognition, better ranking results in the search engines, potential type-in traffic and the best part, a new business that makes sense from day one.

How is a domain name considered a premium domain name?

Online real estate or domain names and websites are often compared to conventional bricks and motor real estate as they relate to many factors. To separate the value of just any domain name - with a high quality, Top Domain Name, it is often compared to the worldwide conventional real estate marketplace. If you are going to open a new retail business in your home town, you have many choices of locations. If you choose on the main street in town and you will pay more, in a high traffic mall and you will pay even more. The reason behind this is all based on potential traffic to your business. These are potential customers that either drive by, walk by or are other-wise visible to your business. Generally the more you pay for your location, the more traffic or potential customers you will be exposed to. Or the values are associated with the quality of traffic that you will receive.

In the domains industry, it works much the same way - except instead of a brick and mortar location in your home town, you have a business that is a small part of a huge marketplace - the worldwide internet. To stand out in an enormous world like this, you have to control a niche or hedge against all the other companies in your industry online. When a potential customer searches or type's in their browser what they are looking to buy - or rent - or get repaired - or travel to - the keywords of the domain name will stand out and help them make the decision to visit your website. Thus keyword heavy domain names or exact match domains to the product being sold or marketed, will always out rank a generic domain name.

A great domain name may be the next big brand...

domainvaluationpage5Many companies online have sprouted up online in the last 25 years that have very cool, but sometimes strange sounding names. One of the largest online retailers is named after the largest jungle in the world - a large computer company is named after a round fruit - another large digital device company is named after a berry - how many famous car models do you know that are named after animals (usually fast animals) like mustangs, impalas, cougars, barracudas, broncos and jaguars? In the branding industry - "It all starts with the NAME". If you are building, expanding or starting an online business - "It all starts with a Top Domain Name". is a registered company of Construction Publications, Inc.- Copyright © 1994 – Current. All Rights Reserved - brands, logos, photos, type, scripts, websites, banners and marks further protected under United States Copyright, Patent and Trademark laws.